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The puzzle Rubik's Cube or “ the Hungarian cube ” has drawn attention, and has received the broadest distribution. Rubik's Cube (commonly misspelled rubix, ......rubick's or rubics cube) is a Mechanical puzzle invented by Erno Rubik's.We shall try to tell about how to put in order the mixed Rubik's Cube.In 1977 Erno Rubik's most original of all puzzles was patented. Rubik's Cube was actually in the making a few years before 1977; it's official invention year was 1974 in Budapest Hungary. It was called by several different names, including the Cube, the Hungarian Cube, and the Magic Cube, until the Ideal Toy Corporation bought the rights in September 1979 and renamed it Rubik's Cube. Rubik's cube has nine square on each side. The puzzle comes in four widely available versions: the 2×2×2 ("Pocket Cube"), the 3×3×3 standard cube, the 4×4×4 ("Rubik's Revenge"), and the 5×5×5 ("Professor's Cube").

Accepted system of designations: sides of a Rubik's Cube are designated by letters F, B, R, L, U, D initial letters of words a facade, back, right, left, up, down. The central cubes define color of a side, that is it is possible to tell, what even in completely mixed cube the central cubes are picked already up and it is necessary to attach to each of them on 8 cubes of the same color. The central cubes are designated by one letter: f, r, l, u, d .

 Costal cubes (them 12 pieces) belong to two sides and are designated by two letters, for example f-r, r-u, f-d , etc. Angular cubes - three letters under the name of sides, for example, f-ri-t, f-l-b , etc. Capital letters F, B, R, L, U, D designate elementary operations of turn of a corresponding side (layer) of a cube on 90 ° clockwise. Designations F ', B ', R ', L ', U ', D ' correspond to turn of sides on 90 ° counter-clockwise. Designations F*2, R*2 , etc. speak about double turn of a corresponding side ( F*2 = FF ).

The letter C (center) designate turn of an average layer. The interlinear index shows, on the part of what side it is necessary to do this turn. For example Cr on the part of the right side, Cd on the part of down, C'l - on the part of left, counter-clockwise, etc. The Letter [O] turn (revolution) of all cube. [O-f] on the part of a front side clockwise, etc. Record of process (F' R') D*2 (R F) means: to turn a front side counter-clockwise on 90 °, the same the right side, to turn the bottom side twice (that is on 180 °) to turn the right side on 90 ° but to a hour hand to turn a front side.

Now we shall pass actually to assembly of a Rubik's Cube 2. There are some different systems, but we most of all like level-by-level assembly when collect all over again one layer, then to the second and, at last, the third. Only 7 stages of assembly of this game

Rubik's Cube and its magic world. Algorithm of the assembly, ready compositions and the visual simulator of a cube.


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